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C & FS

We provide C&F services of upmost standards with our experienced team in commercial field.

There is always need to control the outsourced distribution. Proper operations of C&Fs / Stocking Points needs to be based on self-check system, which should throw light on vulnerable areas. These help management to take timely action before it becomes too late. We provide help in this area by introducing certain self-checking systems.


There are various systems under which Distribution Network can be planned. It varies from Branches to Outsourced C&Fs / Stocking Points.
Our experienced persons are there to help you in formulation of different types of Distribution Systems with proper Accounting procedure that can be efficient and cost effective. In today’s scenario, it is preferred to outsource the distribution rather than having recurring manpower cost.

We can develop tailor-made Distribution and Accounting Systems to handle Global and Country Distribution Network.


Proper Inventory Management can release Working Capital, which is normally struck up in Inventory. We are here to suggest Inventory Management System, which can help you to have optimum use of Working Capital for enhancing your business.